Dormant Season – The Ideal Time for Tree Care

Now that snow is finally on the ground, southern Manitoba is realizing the reality of winter for this year. While a lot of landscape care providers ramp down for the season, we continue to work year round!

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Here’s six reasons why the dormant season is the ideal time for tree care.

1. Disease Management

Cutting back dead branches during dormant season is less likely to attract disease and insects.

2. Low Impact

Access to trees during the dormant season is generally easier and less damaging to surrounding landscapes.

3. Weather Prep

Removing at-risk limbs will leave the tree stronger for severe weather such as high winds or heavy snow.

4. Reduced Stress

Pruning during the dormant season reduces stress on the tree in spring time, allowing for more new growth to occur

5. Improved Access

After the leaves have fallen, the branches are easier to see, simplifying the structural assessment.

6. Environmental Benefit

Pruning can be beneficial to the surrounding vegetation as it allows more sunlight to filter through the canopy.

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