New Tree Care Service Hopes To Fill A Need

Whether it’s taking a tree out or advice on pruning, Phil Tripp says many Pembina Valley residents feel like the work is over their heads. It prompted him to seek arboriculture education in an effort to help others, sharing the do’s and don'ts of tree care. That passion along with seeing a need for tree care services sparked the genesis of Tripp’s Tree Care in Winkler.

“Lots of people need tree care and aren’t able to find someone to do it for them,” Tripp says, adding education remains a major component of the business, teaching others how to make proper pruning cuts to avoid disease or assess the risks of a splitting tree.

“That’s one of our big aims is to educate our customers,” Tripp says. “To make for some nice trees in our community that will be around for a long time.”

Tripp has also chosen to use climbing equipment to service trees instead of heavy machinery.

“I like to be in the tree that I’m working on, seeing it from the inside out,” Tripp says. “It helps me visualize what the tree is going to look like after it’s done being pruned.”

While also being a lot of fun, he says the method also lessens the impact on yards.

“There’s lots of yards and trees that aren’t accessible by heavy equipment, and that’s where I can come in,” Tripp says.

He explains Tripp’s Tree Care covers a 75 km radius around Winkler.

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